Outstanding Seniors in the Arts

It is our distinct pleasure to announce the 2017 Class of Outstanding Seniors in the Arts. These students were recognized at a ceremony in their honor on Friday, May 5th at noon in the Saxe Room of the Worcester Public Library, Salem Square.

These students are selected not only for their hard work and mastery of artistic concepts but also their dedication to the development of the arts pathways at their schools. Congratulations to these students, their teachers and families.

Burncoat High School

Dance: Makayla Connor
Music: Kylie Thomas
Theater: Valenia Bergier
Visual Arts: Sandra Perez

Claremont Academy

Music: Rebeka Mehmeti
Visual Arts: John Le

Doherty Memorial High School

Music: Jared Ferrin
Visual Arts: Kayliani Rodriguez
Theater: Kylee Rutkiewicz

North High School

Art History: Enrique Delgado
Music: Romaine Powell
Visual Arts: Max Rossetti  
Theater: Jose Rosario

South High Community School

Music: Katherine McFarlane
Visual Arts: Jocelyn Marshall

University Park Campus School

Visual Arts: Krystal Bailey

Worcester Technical High School

Music: Giovanni “Gio” Petrella
Media Arts: Tymannie Isales-Santos
Theater: Ryan Finneran Gallagher
Visual Arts: Tracy Le