Early Childhood

Head Start and Early Childhood Director

Laurie Kuczka

The Parent Information Center
768 Main Street
Worcester, MA 01610


Our Philosophy

The Worcester Public Schools early childhood programs strengthen, complement, and extend experiences that begin at home. We offer families and teachers the opportunity to establish a relationship based on mutual confidence and respect.  This partnership helps each to understand more clearly the behavior, growth, and adjustments of the child. A home-school linkage will then contribute to a positive school experience.

We recognize that the young child grows and learns at his/her own rate in a safe, nurturing, developmentally appropriate environment.  Our early childhood programs provide opportunities for socialization, creative activities, and emotional, physical and cognitive development. Constructive play activities that are child-initiated and teacher-facilitated are the primary vehicles of meaningful learning experiences.  Through a classroom that promotes the development of positive personal relationships and utilizes a variety of hands-on experiences, children gain confidence in their ability to explore, question, discover, solve problems, integrate knowledge, think critically and take risks.

The Worcester Public Schools believe that quality early childhood education programs will ensure the healthy growth of a future generation and provide the foundation for life long learning.


Tips for Early Childhood

Getting Ready for School
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Reading Tips for Families
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